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US Air Force and DOD Deploy EVs

Written by Ken Green Burridge on 14 February 2014

US Air Force Deploys EVs, V2G and EVSE at several military bases in an effort to replace their entire passenger vehicle fleet with Electric Vehicles (EVs).

USAF_logoThe US military is committed to reducing its energy use and reliance on fossil fuels as part of a Presidential Memorandum, which was signed May 24, 2011, titled Federal Fleet Performance mandated the U.S. government’s lease and/or purchase of new light duty vehicles, which utilize alternative fuels such as hybrid or electric, compressed natural gas or biofuel.

Air Force officials in an effort to become the initial federal enclave to replace their entire passenger vehicle fleet with electric models have selected: The Joint Bases Andrews (JBA), MD and McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., and Los Angeles Air Force Base, California bases to become home for a proof-of-concept experiment. In December of 2012, the Air Force awarded a contract for $838,361 to construct and install 35 battery-charging stations or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that will be used to charge EVs.

DOD plans to fund similar trials of 500 battery-charged vehicles at six different installations at a cost of $20 million, according to releases by Michael P. Kleiman Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs and Nick Simeone of the American Forces Press Service.

Annual cost for employing EVs has been estimated at 90 percent less than operating conventional, fossil-fuel vehicles. In addition, connecting idle EVs to a Vehicle to Grid (V2G) network will allow the charged vehicles to resupply power grids at times of peak demand, thereby providing stability to stressed electrical grids and, in the process, generating a financial return for the government.


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