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UK: Is the free-charging honeymoon over for EV owners? It depends where you look..

This week over in the US, Aerovironment, the company responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Washington State’s West Coast Electric Highway, gently reminded EV owners in the state that come April 1, using the DC quick charge stations along Interstate 5, US route 2 and Interstate-5 would cease to be free.

Chargemaster plugging in

From that date, customers will have the option of paying $20 a month for unlimited EV charging station access, or pay $7.50 per charging event.

Over this side of the pond, UK-based Chargemaster reiterated its own plans to introduce a tiered tariff system for EV owners wanting to use its network on the same day, noting that existing members could choose to sign up to one of the tariffs or let their membership expire. Like the West Coast Electric Highway, Chargemaster plans to offer pay-as-you-go options for non-members, although no pricing has been set for this or the tariffs.


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