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UK: Ecotricity promises electric car owners 1,000 miles of free motoring

New special offer to give electric vehicle owners about £40 a year off their energy bills

Green energy provider Ecotricity will today continue its push to become the energy supplier of choice for electric vehicle owners, with the launch of a new special offer that will give drivers the equivalent of 1,000 miles of free motoring each year.

The new Green Electricity + Car tariff will provide electric vehicle (EV) owners with a discount on their bills that matches the power they consume to drive their car 1,000 miles. A spokesman for the company confirmed the offer will be worth about £40 a year to the average EV owning household.

Under the tariff, customers will also be signed up to Ecotricity’s free network of about 120 fast-charge points at motorway service stations around the country.

“Currently anyone who joins up to the network can charge up their car for free,” explained the spokesman. “But at some point in the future we will start charging, and when that happens there will be additional benefits offered to Ecotricity customers.”


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