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UK: 1,000 free miles for electric car drivers

Drivers of electric cars will get 1,000 free miles every year with a new electricity tariff being launched today by green energy company Ecotricity.
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Green Electricity + Car will provide energy to power customers’ cars – either 100 per cent electric or plug-in hybrids – as well as their homes. Drivers will also get free access to Ecotricity’s national network of fast chargers, which charge a car in 20-30 minutes.

Dale Vince, the Ecotricity founder, said: “To get the greatest environmental benefit from an electric car, it needs to be charged using 100 per cent green electricity from the wind and the sun – otherwise you’re still powering it from dirty fossil fuels.

“Ecotricity’s new tariff ensures customers with electric cars are recharging at home with green energy and when away from home have access to the Electric Highway.” That’s growing rapidly and will cover 90 per cent of Britain’s motorways by the spring, Mr Vince said.


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