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TV: Most shocking thing is how US gov’t was “very concerned” about Fukushima radiation

JapanFocus, Kyle Cleveland, Temple U. (Japan), Feb. 17, 2014:Nuclear disaster in Fukushima […] has given rise to one of the most significant public health crises in modern world history […]

Democracy Now!, Feb. 26, 2014 (at 54:30 in) — AMY GOODMAN, host: What most shocked you when you were doing research for this book? — EDWIN LYMAN, Sr. Scientist at Union of Concerned Scientists: Being in Washington for a long time, very little shocks me. But […] while the US government was telling the American people there was nothing to fear from Fukushima […] internally […] there was a much different story. So we’ve learned from a lot of FOIA documents that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the White House were actually very concerned about the potential impact of radiation from Fukushima affecting […] Americans on the West Coast. They were furiously running calculations to try to figure out how bad it could get, but there was no sense of this in what they were telling the public.



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