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The Other #1 Reason Why Electric Cars Will Dominate

electric car charging at homeYou may remember that I published an article at the end of December regarding the #1 reason I think electric cars are a disruptive technology that will come to dominate the car market much faster than most “experts” think. I think the whole article is worth a read (otherwise, I wouldn’t have written it), but the very short summary is: electric cars are a much better drive. The article I just published an hour ago carries forward that idea, and is focused around Jeremy Grantham saying essentially the same thing.

However, I recently ran across another article with essentially the same title as that first one linked above—”The One Reason Tesla Motors, Inc. and Electric Vehicles Will Dethrone Gas-Powered Vehicles“—but focusing on a different benefit of electric cars. There are many tremendous benefits of electric cars, and I think the one on which this lady, Beth McKenna, focuses is the #2 reason why electric cars will quickly come to dominate the car market, but perhaps she’s right and it is actually the #1 reason.

Before sharing the argument for this “other #1 reason,” I will quickly quote someone from the forum (a comment I’m going to come back to in a separate article):

Was charging my Volt at a Chevy dealership and was talking to a senior salesman. Apparently he had a Volt for a few years and traded it in for CTS in recent months, he missed the Volt the first time he went to the gas station


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