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Tesla Motors Team Completes 76-Hour, Cross-Country Trip

Tesla aficionados take note: You can now officially drive (nearly) across the country using the company’s network of Supercharging stations, and you can even do it in the dead of winter seemingly sans issue.

Two teams of Tesla employees driving Model S vehicles successfully completed the company’s first Los Angeles to New York road trip this morning, arriving in New York City around five a.m. (PT) after spending approximately 76 hours on the road. They paid a total of $0.00 for gasoline along the way, owing to the quick-charge stations littering a fairly winding route up from Los Angeles; through Colorado and South Dakota; east to Chicago, Ohio, and Pennsylvania; and northwest to the Big Apple.

Which is to say you, too, can mimic Tesla’s drive. In fact, you’ll be impersonating it rather well, as you can only really travel one on specific path through most of the cross-country haul (Tesla CEO Elon Musk notes, in a tweet, that 80% of the population of the United States is covered by the company’s Supercharger network.)


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