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Tesla had a good Q4, a good last year, projects more good to come

Tesla Motors says it is on a roll, and the “disruptive” automaker is very bullish having posted strong financials yesterday.

It had nothing to say, not surprisingly, about a meeting with Apple’s acquisitions guy which has been in the rumor mill of late. Instead it gave disclosures about a strong past, present, and future projected.


The company’s fourth quarter and full-year 2013 financial news was received as overwhelmingly positive.

Disclosure that Tesla delivered a record 6,892 Model S sedans last quarter was not actually news, as that was revealed last month in Detroit, but it did put icing on the earnings cake.

Sales for the year amounted to 22,477 cars. This yielded $2.5 billion in sales on a non-GAAP basis or over $2 billion on a GAAP basis. The company also slightly exceeded its projection of 25 percent gross profit margin with 25.2 percent on a non-GAAP basis, or 25.8 percent on a GAAP basis.


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