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Story Of One Man Saving $245/Month By Combining EV And Solar For His Commute

Jeff and Mandy Phillips are always looking for ways to ease their impact on the environment. When Jeff heard there was a special on the Nissan LEAF that would make it possible for him to drive a brand new zero-emissions vehicle and save substantially on his car payment, he signed a lease the next day.

Almost immediately after this, he crunched the numbers and found that, with an electric vehicle to charge, putting solar panels on his home finally made economic sense. He is now “driving on sunshine.”
The Extended Phillips Family

The Extended Phillips Family

Jeff drives from his home in Santa Barbara to his job with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Ventura five days a week — a 70-mile round trip commute that he used to do in a Ford Escape hybrid.

While the environmental benefits of the Nissan LEAF were an important reason for his switch from hybrid to electric, it also proved to pay off – with estimated savings of about $245/ month. Here’s how he does it:
Expenses before driving on sunshine:

Auto loan: $475/month
Gasoline: $300/month
Utility bills: $30/month
Total: $805/month



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