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Sequential Superchargers: Tesla files patent to juggle hoards of electric cars charging up

Thanks to Tesla Motors’ ever-expanding network for Supercharger fast-charging stations, a father-daughter team recently traveled cross-country in a Model S electric car.

The unprecedented trip was a shot over the bow for electric car sceptics, and now a Tesla patent filing hints at a future where cross-country electric car travel will be too mundane to make headlines.

The patent for a “Multiport Vehicle DC Charging System With Variable Power Distribution” describes a charging station that would have to juggle the needs of many electric cars. That means a future Supercharger station could allot power to multiple vehicles based on a hierarchy of needs, including vehicle arrival and departure times and the battery’s state of charge.

The system could, for example, could allocate power on a first-come first-served basis or base charging on a driver’s anticipated departure time; giving priority to people in a hurry


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