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Plug-in stations for vehicles give Las Vegas Mr. Electric chance for growth

Andy Jackson, an electrical contractor and owner of Mr. Electric, holds a Voltec charging unit designed for the Chevy Volt electric-powered automobile. Jackson installs this unit and other brands at government, state, commercial and residential properties. (Jeferson Applegate/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
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When Andy Jackson began working as an electrical contractor in 1986, electric vehicles weren’t yet part of the game.

But now that they are, he’s taking advantage.

“We knew construction wasn’t going to be as booming as it was in the past,” said Jackson, who has owned a franchised Mr. Electric location in Las Vegas since 1996.

So Jackson and his crew turned to installing electric-vehicle charging stations in homes and at commercial properties.

“We got on the bandwagon right away,” Jackson said. “We signed up with a whole bunch of companies and did training.”

Jackson has installed about 80 stations, mostly commercial, including a number of car dealership installations.

Most popular are Tesla Motors charging stations, followed by Chevrolet Volts and Ford models.

Jeff Meyers, president of Mr. Electric nationally, said the company wanted to become a leader in electric vehicle charging station installs


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