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Outlander the new buzzword for top-notch electric SUVs

MITSUBISHI has come out of the blue with an electric SUV for the masses that leaves other manufacturers in its wake. The new Outlander PHEV changes the electric car forever and will convert even the most cynical critics of hybrid technology.

This is a big, comfortable family car that can travel over 50km on battery power alone, which covers the daily commute for most motorists. But you want to go further? No worries. An on-board engine can extend the range to over 800km.

Nothing new in that, you may say. Opel Ampera has a range extender and so has the new BMW i3, but Mitsubishi has pushed the boundaries even further with not two, but three, driving modes using the two-litre engine to both charge and drive.

Mitsubishi says its plug-in (this is where the PHEV comes from – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology combined with the unique driving aid of the combustion engine can give a range of 825km and in tests will return 1.9L/100km, about 124 mpg.


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