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Opinion: Fukushima nuclear disaster now an American problem

In a few months, the devastating effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will officially taint America’s reputation.

Radiation traces have been found in the Japanese food chain, according to the Centre for Research on Globalization, and by April radiation will be freely flowing onto the shores of California beaches.

Maybe the only result is that fishermen will lose jobs and the demand for chicken will rise. It’s all microeconomics, really. But the funny thing about microeconomics is that a change in one thing affects something else, which will affect something else, and so forth.

This circular pattern has the power to change more than just the supply and demand of fish and will inevitably alter the entire market.

Of course, all this information is just now circulating through the media because it’s finally a time-sensitive threat. Our government can’t ignore it anymore.

Since 2011, they have turned a blind eye to the situation, as if hiding under a blanket of stupidity will make the nuclear monster go away. I hate to break it to everyone, but this unwanted monster is here to stay.


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