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Nuclear energy is not an option

Remember, the worst that can possibly happen, probably will happen.

SOME years ago, I was a proponent of Malaysia embarking on a safe and secure Nuclear Energy Policy.

Like many other people, I was compelled by arguments that the depletion of our natural resources and the terrible environmental effects of the use of fossil fuels had left us with no alternative but to go nuclear.

Nuclear energy was touted as a “clean” and sustainable substitute.

Thus, when the Government announced a national plan to go nuclear some three years ago, there was hardly a whimper of protest to be heard.

Everyone seemed to be persuaded that we had no choice if we wanted affordable energy that could sustain our modern and increasingly sophisticated lifestyles.

We have been told that, despite what happened at Three Mile Island in New York (1979) and later at Chernobyl (1986), nuclear power plants were essentially safe.

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