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Nissan Leaf Makes Owners ‘Happiest’

Bhutan, the tiny Himalayan nation that claims to be the happiest country on the planet, has embarked on a national effort to reduce carbon emissions. Part of that plan includes the purchase of hundreds of Nissan Leaf electric cars for its official government fleets and state-run taxi service. The country, which is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, west and east, already has a reliable supply of hydroelectric power for its 742,000 inhabitants, but a new government policy aims to reduce automobile emissions and keep Bhutan as clean and pristine as possible.
Nissan Leaf Speed Test: Video

Nissan Leaf enthusiasts will be enthralled at the very short clip above. In it, a non-upgraded, 2011 Leaf electric car pushes itself to the limit in order to reach maximum speed. How high is high? Watch the footage and see for yourself what an original production Leaf can do with 110 horsepower and a driver who has no reluctance to test the outer reaches of EV speed. Without revealing the surprise ending, you might notice that the Leaf in the video achieves a top speed that is close to Nissan’s official specs. Though as any Leaf owner will tell you, speed is unimportant. It’s all about the torque.


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