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Nissan Leaf Electric Car to Race in Australia

While some people who drive the electric-powered Nissan Leaf regularly sing its praises, they would be hard-pressed to call it a racy, high-performance car. But the slow sedan’s image could get an upgrade when the Leaf Nismo RC competes against gasoline-powered cars on Australia’s famous Adelaide Parklands circuit.

The car’s appearance is part of the run-up to Sunday’s Clipsal 500 race, an event in the V8 Supercars Series that is somewhat similar to Nascar stock-car racing in the U.S.

Its development is significant to racing fans because a number of car makers including Porsche, Audi and Toyota have begun using electric power in hybrid race cars, and racing rules increasingly reward fuel efficiency. A growing ”green” movement in top-tier racing could result in more electric-powered competition in the next several years.

The specially designed Leaf race car will compete against a Nissan Altima V8 Supercar and a Nissan GT-R road car in the Nissan Time Attack, an event meant to show off the electric car’s performance.


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