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Nissan BladeGlider Concept Is A Street Legal Electric DeltaWing

Nissan’s latest concept car does nothing less than challenge every notion of how a sportscar should look, drive, sound, and corner. It’s a revolution with as much genre-crashing potential as Nissan’s Deltawing racecar … because that’s what it is! Meet the Nissan BladeGlider, the all-electric, Nissan Leaf–based, Deltawing sportscar for the road. Read all about it in the article below, originally posted to Gas 2.
Video: Nissan Builds Spectacular, Road-going Electric DeltaWing

Nissan BladeGlider EV

The car you see here is the culmination of the collaboration between Nissan and Ben Bowlby, the alien super-brain behind the DeltaWing racecar and Nissan’s upcoming ZEOD RC electric LeMans racer. It’s called the BladeGlider, and it just won all the car shows- the guys from Toyota and Mitsubishi might as well pack it up re: Tokyo, and just try harder at the next one.

As far as the hardware is concerned, Nissan’s BladeGlider reportedly uses a number of existing Leaf components, from drive bits to batteries, making it a simple enough thing to put into production if, you know, I’m a good boy and Santa grants all my Christmas wishes or something- and I might be! Nissan’s official word on the topic makes it seem like that’s a when, not an if. From the press release: “When BladeGlider matures into a production car, it could be Nissan’s first use of in-wheel motors. The in-wheel motors provide rear-wheel propulsion with independent motor management, while also contributing to freedom of upper body design and space-efficient packaging.”

Oh, yeah!


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