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New TurboCord Electric-Car Charging Cord Can Use 120 Or 240 Volts

Electric car owners may not have to get their hands dirty at gas stations, but they do have to carry around an extra essential item not found in their internal combustion counterparts–a charging cord.

This is little hardship of course, provided your car has somewhere to store it. But depending on where you charge, or what voltage you charge at, you may need different cords for different jobs.

One alternative is the TurboCord by AeroVironment, which lets you charge at 120V or 240V outlets using the same cord, fitted with an adapter.

What it can’t do is turn 120V plugs into 240V plugs for faster charging.

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What it can do is charge at either 120V (at 12 amps) or 240V (at up to 16 amps) depending on whether you use the clip-on adapter. So if you normally charge at 120V in your garage but have the option to unplug your dryer, for example, you can fit the 240V adapter–suitable for NEMA 6-20R outlets–and benefit from a faster charge.


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