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New Electric Motor Drives Renault PHEV Project

ROUEN, France – Renault is developing a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle for the C-segment to attract customers who want more range than the 150 km (93 miles) offered by Renault’s battery-electric vehicles.

Most competitors have developed both an EV and a plug-in, says Jean-Pierre Fouquet, head of the PHEV project, at a symposium sponsored by the regional Moveo industry cluster, so Renault is planning to join the crowd.

The project still is at the research stage, says Fouquet, and the “Zero Emission on Demand” project is not yet accepted for production, although he expects a decision later this year.

Meanwhile, he says, Renault has filed 30 patents on its concept for a new electric motor for the PHEV integrated with a 3-speed transmission. Allowing for a government subsidy, he says, Renault could sell the car for about €20,000 ($27,000), the same as a Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroen have been working together with suppliers on a project sponsored by France to develop cars that emit carbon dioxide at a rate of 50 g/km.

A slide prepared for the symposium by Moveo shows how a Peugeot 208 could reach 50 g/km with PSA’s Hybrid Air approach, while a Renault Clio with a plug-in hybrid powertrain could reach 30 g/km.

The French automotive press has reported widely Renault will show a Clio-sized PHEV concept at the Geneva auto show in March.


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