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NASA’s electric car pilot program is 10x better than expected at reducing CO2 emissions

NASA is running a pilot program at its famous Kennedy Space Center to track real-world data on how much CO2 reduction can be gained by having employees drive plug-in vehicles and charge them at work. 10 employees get free charging in return for filling out spreadsheet each day documenting how many miles they drove, along with road and traffic conditions.

NASA/Public Domain

NASA had some estimates of what the benefits would be, but they apparently greatly underestimated the difference that going electric would make:

“The numbers are 10 times better than we thought we’d ever see,” said Frank Kline with Kennedy’s Sustainability office. “No one’s ever done a pilot where you get actual numbers. It’s always been estimates only. The average car puts out about a pound of carbon dioxide per mile. We’re reducing that by 3/5ths by letting you plug in at the Kennedy Space Center.”


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