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MMicro Honda EV Lands On Solar-Powered Islandicro Honda EV Lands On Solar-Powered Island

honda-solar-chargersHonda has announced that it will be launching a new program around their micro-electric-vehicle prototype the “Micro Computer Beta,” or MC-β. This program involves the installation of three solar powered EV charging stations in Miyakojima City, Japan.

The pairing of solar powered charging stations and the MC-β will be a combined effort of Honda and Toshiba, with Toshiba responsible for building the stations themselves. As you may know, the MC-β prototype is a petite 98” long electric vehicle, perfect for the small island roads of Miyakojima. The EV is powered by an eight horsepower motor that tops out at a leisurely pace of 43 miles per hour. With a single-charge range of fifty miles, the vehicle should have no problem making it to the next charging station no matter where they are placed on the tiny island.

You may find yourself asking “Why Miyakojima?” This tiny island is actually the perfect place for these short-range EVs. Miyakojima, part of Okinawa, is a city consisting of several islands between the southern tip of Japan and Taiwan. At just under 79 square-miles, one charge will quite literally take you from one end of the island to the other. This will allow participants in the EV experiment to have little worry about running out of power while on the road



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