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Mitsubishi Sees a Plug-In Hybrid Future

Mitsubishi is still working to find its place in an ever increasingly competitive market. Unlike say, Subaru, Mitsubishi doesn’t have a quirky reputation on which it can steadily rely on, but it does have several things going for it. The point is that it’s working hard to avoid meeting the same fate as Suzuki in the US. So how will it work to differentiate itself from the competition? Plug-in hybrids. Mitsubishi is currently working to end operating losses in North America and Japan, and it believes new plug-in models will help.
Mitsubishi Sees a Plug-In Hybrid Future
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By 2020, the automaker hopes that 20 percent of its lineup will consist of electric and plug-in hybrid models. In 2016, for example, we can expect to see a plug-in version of the Montero SUV. But will plug-ins be enough? And, more importantly, what does this business plan mean for a next-generation Evo? Could the Evo even become a plug-in hybrid? Or (please, no) an EV? Whatever the case turns out to be, it appears that Mitsubishi has no intention of leaving the US anytime soon.


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