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Market Intelligence Portal Electric Vehicles

Our online Market Intelligence Portal for Electric Vehicles brings in-depth market intelligence and independent analysis throughout the year, helping you to drive revenue in much shorter time frames. The Market Intelligence Portal for Electric Vehicles covers free running electrically driven vehicles that carry their own power supply – propelled by an electric motor driving a wheel, propeller or alternatives. Here, we cover both pure and hybrid vehicles. For a detailed scope document please click here

Capture opportunities and minimise risks arising
from disruptive technologies
Scout emerging technology spaces for new markets,
ideas, applications and partners
Learn which companies are winning and why
Know what your competitors are thinking and doing
Find reliable market data to do your own business thinking


Sample downloads:

Premium article
Research scope

Who buys access?
Our clients are diverse and include business development managers, sales and marketing managers, chief technology officers, start-up entrepreneurs, analysts, and investors.

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the Market Intelligence Portal newsletter

Subscription to the portal includes

Market research reports Updated annually Market research reports from IDTechEx’s existing portfolio of reports to its subscribers.
Market data Updated regularly A granular datasheet providing ten-year forecasts for 37 categories in terms of unit sales, unit prices and market value.
List of categories.
IDTechEx research articles Updated weekly Articles analysing the latest developments, and assessing opportunities and risks. Market forecast data will be regularly included.
Company profiles Updated weekly 2 new company profiles every week based on direct interviews.
A typical profile includes:

Description of technology and business model
Main competitors and customers/partners
Core product metric and financials
SWOT analyses
IDTechEx benchmark assessing growth potential:
Product value proposition
State of technology/product development
Medium-term commercial opportunity
IP and know-how
Competitive landscape

Webinars Updated 2 times per quarter (approx.) Watch IDTechEx’s webinars during and any time after
the live broadcast.
Company presentations and conferences Updated bi-annually View and listen to presentations given at historical and future IDTechEx conferences.
Event summaries and round – ups Updated regularly Summaries of key developments and learnings from conferences and tradeshows attended by IDTechEx.
Analyst access 2 hours minimum Dedicated technical analysts will spend time discussing your key technology and business questions.
Strategy sessions Optional Dedicated technical analysts will work with you during interactive sessions to develop solutions for your technology and business needs and challenges.

Contact us
IDTechEx Research provides timely market and technical research and strategic advice. Access individual reports or subscribe to receive the full benefit of all our expertise on the topics that matter to you.
Please contact us to learn more and discuss your needs at:
or call +1 617 577 7890 (US) or +44 (0)1223 813703 (UK)


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