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Mackwoods to open electric vehicle charging stations

Mackwoods Energy PLC (MEP) is aiming to set up electric vehicle charging stations across the country, officials said.

“Currently we’re doing some market studies on this. Most probably this year we’ll roll it out,” Arjuna Yatawara, MEP Managing Director told the Business Times. He said they plan to set up roadside charging stations. “We’ll also be discussing with some petrol stations to build charging stations,” he said.

While this will initially be a pilot project, he said that already this concept has widespread interest. “The most obvious advantage of electric car batteries is that they don’t produce the pollution associated with internal combustion engines,” Mr. Yatawara said, pointing out that another important advantage of battery-powered motors over gas-powered engines is the lower cost of the fuel – that is, electricity for electric vehicles is way cheaper than gas for the internal combustion engines.

Last year Mackwoods Energy’s hydro projects made progress, albeit slower than expected due to unforeseen delays experienced as a result of the long chain of approval processes, transmission line/grid availability issues and due to changes in policy and administrative procedures, Mr. Yatawara said. Pending approval of the hydro projects the company as an interim measure is proceeding under the CEB net metering scheme, as a prelude to the full implementation of the projects with grid connectivity.


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