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Letter from America (Part 2): Tesla Superchargers, and the growing Plug-in Culture

Earlier this week, I told you about my trip to Washington D.C., where I was the guest of the US Department of Energy and US Department of Transport’s joint workshop on achieving a 100 per cent zero emissions transportation plan for the end of the century. It was jolly good fun and if you missed that post, I suggest you go back and read it here.

Today, I’m going to tell you about what I did the rest of the time I was in the US, the people I met, and the changing attitudes towards plug-in cars in America.

I-95 highway in US Flickr thisisbossi

Because airlines are strange about how they charge for flights, it’s always cheaper to try and make your trip cover at least one Sunday. Don’t ask me why, but fly home after you’ve spent a Sunday away, and my flight dropped in price from more than £2000 to just over £500. With time to kill after my appointment in Washington, D.C, I decided to head north to New Jersey and New York, where a couple of friends happened to live.

Many of them of course, own plug-in cars.


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