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L.A. is America’s Electric Car Capital

You smug rich people with your Teslas and energy draining mega-mansions should be proud.

Los Angeles is the nation’s leader in electric car sales. ChargePoint, the company that runs the nation’s largest network of charging stations, says Angelenos bought 5,000 of the plug-in cars in the third quarter of 2013. That’s more sales than any other city in America experienced during that time.

Not only that …

… but we have the highest number of EVs on U.S. streets, 27,411 worth, the firm says.

Unfortunately (or not), we didn’t top ChargePoint’s list of “Top 10 Regions for Electric Vehicle Growth.” Nope. On that we only made fourth place.

That’s because Atlanta, the American city with the widest gap between rich and poor, has seen an explosion (a 52 percent increase) in the sales of EVs, the company says:

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Washington, D.C. came in second with 21 percent boost in growth during that fourth quarter. And Portland beat out L.A.’s growth. The Bay Area, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Detroit followed, says ChargePoint.


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