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Introduced in Georgia Looks to End State’s $5,000 EV Credit This April

Nissan LEAF Has Been Selling Like Crazy in Atlanta, But Eliminating the Georgia’s $5,000 Ev Incentive Will Certainly Change That

Georgia is one of the US’ leading states in terms of EV adoption rate.

In fact, Georgia ranked fourth in the nation in 2013 in EV registration.

Georgia’s capital city of Atlanta has been a hotbed for EVs. In particular, Nissan says Atlanta has been the LEAF’s #1 market for several months now.

Why is Georgia so EV crazy? The answer is simple: Georgia offers a $5,000 tax credit for those who purchase EVs.

But as Urvaksh Karkaria at Biz Journal writes:
Atlanta – Soon To Be Less EV-Friendly?

Atlanta – Soon To Be Less EV-Friendly?

“Now, a bill introduced by former Alpharetta Mayor Chuck Martin, threatens to suck the air out of electric vehicle adoption in the Peach State.”

“The bill would eliminate an up to $5,000 tax credit available to buyers of new zero-emission vehicles, no later than April 1. The tax credit — among the richest in the country — coupled with a $7,500 federal tax credit, has fueled electric vehicle adoption in the state.”

Electric vehicle advocates, such as us, understand that eliminating the credit at such an early stage will definitely stall out sales of EV in Georgia.

Martin, the man who introduced the bill, is quoting by Biz Journals as saying the following:


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