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India wants to build a solar project so large (4,000 megawatts), it would dwarf all others!

It would be the world’s largest
India currently depends on coal for more than half of its electricity production, but it also gets a lot of sun, giving it the potential to become a solar power titan in the future. All it needs is the will to invest in this clean source of energy. One big step in that direction might be taken soon; a deal was signed between the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, and the Ministry of Power to set up what they call an “ultra mega solar power project” in Rajasthan. At 4,000 MW of capacity, it would be by far the world’s largest.

Once fully operational, the project should reduce reduce CO2 emissions by over 4 million tonnes per year. The first phase will be for 1 gigawatt, and it should take 7-8 years for all the phases to be built.

Not too surprisingly, Rajashtan is very close to the part of the map above where there is the most solar potential (you can see a map here).


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