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In Atmosphere Ion Drive(Assess Viability For Spacecraft)

For starters, watch this video to see what I’m talking about. It has been done, so I know it can work, but I want to assess viability for maneuvering while in the thermo-sphere (space shuttle/ISS orbit)
You can skip to 2:20

So based on that video, it’s obvious that is you create a strong enough electric field, you will generate a force on the air, so my question is what range of altitudes, power, and orbiter mass would make this viable for maneuvering?

To avoid relating the discussion to specific spacecraft, we can discuss in terms of power density, where power density is a measure of the total generating capacity of the spacecraft divided by the total mass; W/kg; P/mT. For a flying nuclear fission reactor, expect at most something on the order of 1200W/kg, 100W/kg on an actual fission powered spacecraft. For a solar powered craft near earth such as the ISS, expect about .07W/kg

So how would I go about figuring this one out?


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