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How Does Formula E Electric-Car Racing Work? What You Need To Know

This September, a new motorsport series launches in Beijing, China.

That series is Formula E, an open-wheeled single-seater motorsport running on battery power alone. It’s positioned as a top tier series for electric racing and could be instrumental in aiding the development of batteries and control systems for electric road cars.

Charged EVs has revealed full details of how the races work–from how teams expect to complete each race distance to what spectators can expect during and after the race meetings.

One detail that’s been known for some time is the vehicle every single team will use in the first year of the sport.

To ensure the series gets off the ground with minimal issues, French automaker Renault will supply every vehicle in the first year of the championship. We’ve seen the Spark-Renault SRT_01E at several events around the globe so far, most recently in Las Vegas, and it’ll give teams a good idea of what to expect from racing once they enter their own vehicles in subsequent years.

MORE: Formula E Electric Racing Takes To Las Vegas For Demo Run

Performance from the cars is strong, with a 3-second 0-62 mph sprint and a top speed of around 140 mph. That’s a fair way off Formula One cars and even F2 vehicles, but the cars’ striking styling and large aerodynamic wings should provide a spectacle even so.



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