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Hero Unveils Lithium-Air Electric Motorcycle Concept

Ion advanced motorcycle concept said to make first use of lithium-air battery with energy storage density comparable to gasoline.

Published: 07-Feb-2014

This work is in the domain of potential innovations that are very challenging but lead to discoveries that have immense possibilities for future and learning for present. The ‘ion’ gives us an exciting glimpse of many years into the future, and demonstrates Hero’s beliefs and commitment to the endless road of motorcycling and personal transport. Built to embody Hero’s timeless values, it is light, elegant, environment friendly and respectful of efficient use of materials and fuel that helps maintain the balance in the carbon cycle that is critical in sustaining life on the planet Earth. An all electronic ion has an advanced Li Air batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell range extender packaged into the center structure with super capacitors provide for energy needs of acceleration and braking. Hero welcomes you to a whole new green motorcycling experience Key Highlights:


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