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Half of Plug-in Car Grants unclaimed

Recent sales figures of electric vehicles eligible for the Plug-in Car and Van Grants show that only around half of the Government budget is likely to be claimed.

Under the Plug-in Car and Van Grant scheme, which launched in 2011 and ends in March 2015, the Office of Low Emission Vehicles has projected that only £230 million will have been allocated; leaving £170 million of the £400 budgeted unclaimed.

Recent figures published by the Department for Transport show that, up to the end of December 2013, 6,709 grants, each worth up to £5,000 for an electric car had been allocated at a cost of £33.5 million.

For Plug-in Van Grants, which have been available since 2012 and worth up to £8,000, only 404 claims have been made at a total cost of around £3.2 million.

To be eligible under the two parallel Plug-in Grant schemes, vehicles must satisfy demanding criteria including:
*Only new vehicles are eligible (including pre-registration conversions);
*Tailpipe vehicles emissions must be 75 gCO2/km or less;
*Electric vehicles (EVs) must have a range of at least 70 miles;
*Plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) must have an electric range of at least 10 miles;
*Vehicles must be able to reach a speed of at least 60 mph.


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