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Green Car Reports, Five Years And 9,800 Articles Later

At first one a day, and then more, we wrote articles on fuel efficiency, hybrids, diesel vehicles, and the plug-in electric cars that were then still two years away from the market.

Think back to February 2009, when the Tesla Roadster was the sole modern battery-electric car available in any volume–at a price of $109,000.

FIRST DAILY ARTICLE: GM: Give Us Plugs, We’ll Sell You Volts

Then fast-forward to today, with no fewer than 16 different cars with plugs offered at least in some regions of the U.S.

They include battery electrics, range-extended electrics, plug-in hybrids, and span the gamut from two-seat minicars to fast, sleek, luxurious five-seat sedans (plus one compact crossover).

Barack Obama speaking Detroit Economic Club

Barack Obama speaking Detroit Economic Club

A lot has happened over five years, and Green Car Reports has documented much of it.

From the very first deliveries of a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Volt in December 2010 to the first Tesla Model S in July 2012–and then 20,000 or more to date–we’ve written about the cars, the policies, the laws, the science, the people, and occasionally, the wackiness.

As of today, we’ve produced just under 10,000 articles. Some of them came from All Cars Electric, which we acquired and which brought an additional audience eager for plug-in electric car coverage that was both broad and deep.

Today, we shoot for roughly half our articles to be about plug-in cars–and with roughly 180,000 on U.S. roads in just over three years, there’s clearly a lot more coverage to come.


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