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Evidence mounts that the Chevy Spark EV is the best overall electric vehicle

Coming up the ranks quietly behind the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf is an EV that is starting to win all of the comparison tests it enters. Would you have guessed it is the Chevy Spark EV?

Guess which electric car was chosen the winner by Car and Driver in its most recent shoot-out of popular EV/Plug-ins? Now, name the EV that has 400 ft pounds of torque. This car has the lowest 5- year cost of ownership according to Kelly Blue Book. The gas version of this same car just scored the highest in its category in the world’s toughest crash test and is a Top Safety Pick. Finally, the car we are talking about is also the second most fuel efficient vehicle in the US market. If you guessed the Chevy Spark EV you’re right.

The Chevy Spark EV sold 98 units last month continuing its monthly growth rate over the past few. That was surprising since most EVs nose-dived in US sales last month. The world of electric cars is extremely small. Even when counting the plug-in hybrids on the market the total number of EVs sold in the United States in January 2014 was 5,470. To put that into some perspective, in that same month Toyota sold 11,402 Prius cars not including the plug-in version of that car. Even as green cars go, EVs are a small sub segment of the marketplace. Chevy seems to have a hit on its hands and may want to consider building a few more than it needs to meet the California and other ZEV state mandates.


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