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European Lithium-ion Battery Market for Industrial Applications – Energy Storage Applications Contribute to a Strong Growth Potential for Lithium-ion Batteries

This research analyses the lithium-ion battery market for industrial applications in Europe and presents revenue forecasts, pricing analysis, market share analysis, trends and opportunities, and competitive overview for a time period of 2009 to 2017.

The market is divided into six segments based on the applications for lithium-ion batteries. These are industrial tools, medical devices, aerospace and defence, data collection, energy storage, telecom, and data communication. Unit shipment and revenue forecast, key trends, and drivers and restraints have been provided for each segment.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
– What are the growth opportunities for lithium-ion batteries that have a large untapped potential?
– What is the market potential for major industrial segments that lithium-ion batteries cater to within Europe?
– What is the role of regional niche participants and how do they influence competition?
– How diverse is the nature of each of the industrial applications?
– What are the mega trends that will have an impact on this market in the future?
– What is the level of market competitiveness among major participants in Europe?


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