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Electric vehicle infrastructure slowly grows

Frederick has few electric vehicle charging stations, but some familiar with the industry expect that to change.

Eight stations are open to the public or available to clients at businesses in Frederick County, according to Plugshare, a site that maps where drivers can recharge.

Most electric vehicles can be plugged into standard outlets, so electric vehicle users can recharge just about anywhere with permission. However, charging stations offer the advantage of higher voltage so car batteries fill up more quickly. The plugs are also conveniently located near parking spaces.

Frederick Motor Co. general sales manager Rob Skora said charging stations can reduce charge time from seven to two-and-a-half hours.

Skora expects to see more charging stations spring up around the county once electric models become more widely used.

“They’ll become more popular,” he said. “It’s just a matter of time and building that infrastructure for it.”

Sales of hybrid and electric models would probably pick up if gas prices spike again, Skora said, adding that as improved battery technology allows electric vehicles to go farther on a single charge, consumers will increasingly become interested.

Meantime, the cost of electric vehicles could be a reason why some people aren’t ready to give up the pump.


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