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Electric Tesla Model S car sharing scheme set to commence this spring in California [video]

With its combination of luxury, performance, and range, the Tesla Model S is a very desirable electric car.

But what if you can’t afford the car’s roughly $70,000 base price, or you don’t have a garage to put it in?

Gas 2 reports that a car-sharing service called Vukee Car hopes to have a fleet of Model S sedans available for rental this spring. Car sharing services like Zipcar have become a practical solution for people who want nearly-unfettered access to four-wheeled, rubber-tired transportation without the cost and inconvenience of ownership. Never before has a car with stature or price tag of the Model S been the subject of such a service, however.

Car sharing differs from conventional renting in that cars can be borrowed on an hourly basis, and don’t need to be picked up from a central office.

Unlike many of those services, though, Vukee Car will not charge a monthly membership fee. That means users will just have to pay a per-hour rate for the cars themselves.


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