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Electric Car Sales In France (January 2014)

Originally published on EV Obsession.

Electric car sales in France actually shrunk a bit in January 2014 compared to January 2013. Check out the details below as well as some information on why sales shrunk.

Here’s another country-specific EV sales update. For other January 2014 electric car sales or 2013 electric car sales, see the stories linked on the bottom of this article.
France EV Sales

Highlights in January for electric car sales in France, imho, include:

Renault Kangoo ZE sales decreased 55% in January 2014 compared to January 2013, going from 444 to 200. Its EV market share decreased from 59% to 32% as a result.
Nissan Leaf sales increased from 60 (January 2013) to 121 (January 2014). That’s more than a doubling of sales! (Barely.) That also resulted in an increase in the EV market share, from 8% to 19%. And this marked the first month in which the Nissan Leaf was the top electric car (the Kangoo ZE is a van) in France, inching out the Renault Zoe for the first time.
Despite growing 46%, from 70 sales to 102 sales, the Renault Zoe fell behind the Nissan Leaf in January. It still gained market share, going from 9% to 16% of the EV market.
The Bollore Bluecar also grew its sales (from 58 to 81), and also saw its market share increase (8% to 13%).
Toyota Prius PHEV sales fell off a cliff, going from 50 to 15, resulting in a market share drop from 7% to 2%.
Overall, 100%-electric car sales decreased 20% (primarily because of the drop in Renault Kangoo ZE sales) while plug-in hybrid electric car sales grew 30%.
100%-electric cars continued to dominate the French EV market (90% in January 2014, compared to 93% in January 2013).



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