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ElecElectric-Car Fast-Charging Networks: Nissan CHAdeMO Vs Tesla Superchargertric-Car Fast-Charging Networks: Nissan CHAdeMO Vs Tesla Supercharger

Not only are the stations convenient (and the Tesla Model S endowed with a long enough range to make such trips much easier) but they’re also free to use for Model S owners–not something that can always be said of CHAdeMO and its compatible vehicles.

But arguably, CHAdeMO is more important–not least because most electric vehicle drivers aren’t able to use Tesla’s swish Superchargers.

That’s reflected in the numbers. Of the 3,500 global CHAdeMO installations, 554 are located in the United States. By comparison, Tesla’s website currently lists 74 stations active in the U.S.–though more are planned for near-total coverage of the country over the next year or two.

Japan and Europe still dominate with CHAdeMO coverage, however. As of January, reports Charged EVs, there were 1,967 CHAdeMO stations in Japan and over 1,000 in Europe.


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