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Driverless electric car unveiled in Singapore

We completely sympathize with people who are often looked down upon for not knowing how to drive a car. Cheer-up, there’s some good news for you! The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (Smart) and National University of Singapore has launched a driverless electric car named ‘Scot’ (Shared Computer Operated Transport). As per sources, the car borrows some of the technology from Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car. Initially the car shall be put to test within the lanes of NUS campus to check if the technology needs some improvement.
Driverless electric car unveiled in Singapore
Driverless electric car unveiled in Singapore

NUS collaborator, Associate Professor Marcelo Ang said, “This (the project) will not only help us to learn and improve the system, but also provide a visible platform to increase public awareness and government support in our endeavor to create better transport solutions for urban cities”. Sources stated, the technology called LIDAR has bee wired to this car. LIDAR’s technology utilizes radar’s distance calculation capabilities and laser’s focused imaging. It is also said that the new technology is an economical alternative, in comparison to the existing line 3D laser sensors that are mated in robot cars.


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