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DC fast charging: to order or not to order?

I was following an interesting discussion on BMW i3 Facebook group in which one member asked the community that his dealer was offering to add DC fast charger, and whether he should order it or no. The subject is of interest to many BMW i3 and EV owners in general, so I decided to paste it here.

Here is the discussion at BMW i3 group.

Mike Angier asks:
To order DC fast charging or not? My dealer called last night to see if I wanted to add it to my specs, but I haven’t called him back yet. I am not an Electronaut (MINI E and ActiveE not available here in central Virginia), but I am #2 on the list. Are (most) participating dealers installing L2 chargers or DC fast chargers or both or neither? I know if it will be worth the $700……DC/VA/MD rapid chargers popping up anytime soon?

Tom Moloughney
All i brand dealers will have 1 or 2 L2 EVSE’s outside and accessible 24/7. Dealers are not required to install DC quick chargers, but BMW is working on a program to support them if they indeed want to install one. I suspect the rollout of the CCS quick chargers will be slow, but you never know. Are you buying or leasing? In the immediate couple years you will likely not see many but if you are planning on keeping it for a while the $700 is a wise decision. If you don’t get it and then a few chargers pop up in your area you’ll wish you did. It cannot be retrofitted at a later time.

Troy Scrapchansky
I didn’t order it here in CT, due to the lack of infrastructure, although I will now be getting it for free. In VA I’d only consider it if I were a.) buying; b.) routinely doing long trips on the I95 corridor through DC.


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