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China now has a luxury electric car brand after $149 million bid for Fisker

Failed US electric/hybrid car-maker Fisker is now owned by China’s Wanxiang Group after a $149 million bid at Fisker’s bankruptcy auction. That’s six times more than Fisker was seeking to recover from bankruptcy, reports Bloomberg.

The Chinese conglomerate – which makes automobile parts, solar tech, and has a large US HQ in Chicago – now owns 18 Fisker patents covering things like electric-vehicle drivetrain technology and Fisker’s distinctive grille design. Other assets include an abandoned General Motors plant in Wilmington.

Wanxiang already owns EV battery-maker A123 Systems, which supplied power units to Fisker.

But it’s not clear if Wanxiang owns the Fisker brand and logo. According to Autoblog, that was licensed to Fisker by a different company called Fisker Coachbuild. However, Fisker Coachbuild struck a conciliatory tone during the long drawn out bankruptcy procedure, saying it’s open to licensing the brand to any new owner.


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