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Chevy Volt Owner Switching To Ford Fusion Energi Rather Than BMW i3

A Chevy Volt owner recently offered an explanation to his Volt-owning colleagues (can we can you guys Volt-heads?) as to why he is moving on from the Chevy Volt, why he decided to drop his plan to get a BMW i3, and why he’s stoked about his upcoming Ford Fusion Energi. It’s a very interesting read, originally published over in the forum (minor editing below). Check it out!
I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you.

Its been a busy month for me. Since my Volt lease is just a payment from expiration, I had placed a deposit on a BMW i3 about 4 months ago and finally got the allocation phone call, so I proceeded try to make a lease deal with the BWM salesmen. Well, that’s about as far as we got. In short, for 3 years, they want $830/month with $4500 down for 10k/year miles. Yeah Right!!!!! It’s a joke, the residual is almost 50% less than value of car.

I’m supposed to pay top dollar because it’s a BMW, yet its only worth 22k in 3 years??? I could get another volt of course. I love the volt, brag about the volt, support the volt, made many YouTube videos about the volt that have been posted here.

That said, I feel like a new volt is the same as it was 3 years ago and I don’t want to go another 3 years of Volt 1.0 . BTW Where is Volt 2.0? I also need to go a little larger, Volt 1.0 is a little tight and getting worse with kids getting bigger. Surprising, the BMW i3 was smaller on the outside, but truly much bigger on the inside. Car is very cool, it would have been great.…

(to save typing I’ve cut and pasted from the BMW FB blog I belong to)

So, after two weeks of investigation…..I’m purchasing a Ford Fusion Energi Titanium. Yes, its only rated at 21 miles on pure EV but it does get 43 MPG in all gas mode. It’s also loaded to the hilt. Everything under the sun, including auto parking, blind spot radar, cruise control “radar”, heated everything, Navigation, leather, the list goes on and on. I have every option. It is also very large and very sharp looking. I’d argue the best looking PHEV out there. MSRP is 45K.



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