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Charge rage: Five lessons on avoiding an electric car charging showdown

Escalating tension at electric vehicle charging stations around the country has prompted the largest maker of such stations to lay down some rules.

‘Charge rage’ is a new phenomenon, but as electric car sales continue to increase faster than the installation of new charging stations, it’s set to become commonplace. Ignited by fellow electric car owners leaving their cars in charging bays after they have reached full charge or, on the flip side, newcomers unplugging charging cars to plug in their own, charge rage is already a daily occurrence in part of California.

There are currently six electric cars for each charging station, meaning the problem – which only compounds the much feared ‘range anxiety’ – is set to spread as that ratio grows.

Now ChargePoint, which says that charging at work is the second most popular place for the the US’s 170,000 electric vehicles to charge, has offered five tips to help avoid charge rage. Pay attention.

1. Scale Up

Workplaces have recognized they need one charging spot for every two EVs. This allows people to plug in when they get to work and then move their charged car at lunch so others can plug in during the afternoon. As EV popularity rises, it’s also important to anticipate the future need for charging stations. Don’t just install the number of ports needed now, pre-wire and install for what you will need in the years to come.

2. Location, Location, Location


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