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Can Tesla Turn Brand Strength into Stronger Sales?

Tesla Motors , the electric car company that has been long on media coverage and short on sales, may be poised to grow as customers now have a strongly positive view of the brand.

Consumer Reports released its annual brand perception survey Feb. 5 , which showed Tesla to be a brand on the rise. The company, which sells its basic Model S for around $70,000, saw a 47-point jump in this survey, vaulting it to fifth position with 88 points.

“Tesla had a strong, very public year, with soaring stock prices, magazine awards, and exceptional crash-test performance,” said a press release touting the survey. “Innovation, performance, and sleek styling is clearly gaining attention and making a positive impression. By gaining points in several categories, Tesla was able to raise its overall score. This highlights the value of being good at multiple things, rather than rely on a single facet.”

The survey, which was conducted among 1,700 randomly selected car owners, didn’t simply ask which car brands people liked best. Instead, participants were asked to rank seven aspects of a car-buying decision: design and style, performance, quality, safety, technology and innovation, value and, finally, fuel economy. Then they were asked to name which brand was a leader for each of those aspects. The results were then used to calculate the overall favorite brand.

Is being #5 good, when competitors are #1-4?


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