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BYD Electric Transit Bus Delivers 155 Miles Of Range In Quebec Test

While its U.S. operations are facing some challenges, BYD’s electric bus has been racking up test miles on Canadian roads.

Canadian transit agencies have completed the first phase of a 10-month trial of a 40-foot BYD electric bus on roads between Gatineau, Québec, and Ottawa Ontario, according to Green Car Congress (via ChargedEVs).

So far, the bus has lived up to the Chinese electric carmaker’s claims.

In the test–conducted by the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) and AVT, a consortium of Québec’s nine transit agencies–the bus achieved 155 miles of range, performing as advertised.

BYD e6 electric taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

BYD e6 electric taxi in service in Shenzhen, China
The range is chalked up to the size of the iron-phosphate battery pack in the bus, which has an energy storage capacity of 324-kilowatt-hours–or 15 times the size of the pack in a Nissan Leaf.

BYD says a driver who is particularly familiar with electric vehicles could exceed the rated 155-mile range.

While the bus used only electric power for propulsion during the test, an integrated diesel heater was used to keep the cabin warm in the frigid Canadian winter weather.

More electric buses

BYD isn’t the only company marketing an electric bus to U.S. cities.


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