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BMW showcases 94-MPG BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and i3 EV in Sochi olympics ads (video)

The Sochi winter olympics are a big media event, and BMW has decided to spend a truckload of cash to promote its new i8 plug-in hybrid ‘halo’ car, which should go for sale in 2014. I’m always torn on these expensive engineering and design showcase pieces. On one hand, they’ll never be made in large enough numbers to put a big dent on fuel consumption in the transportation sector, but on the other, they are very influential on the rest of the market. New technological innovations tend to enter the market at the high-end and then become more affordable over time.

Seen from that point of view, I think it’s great that many of the top auto engineers are working on making plug-in vehicles rather than V12 monsters. Those with enough coin to buy these are subsidizing the development of these technologies for the rest of us, kind of like how early computers are cellphones were out of reach for most people but someone still needed to buy them for the technology to be viable.

So anyway, here’s the BMW olympics ad:


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