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Australia’s first EV-charging dual-axis solar array swings into action

Solar developer Ingenero has completed what it claimed* to be Australia’s first dual-axis tracker solar array, on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. The installation is located at the island’s airport and has been coupled with three electric cars and six electric charging stations.

Teaming solar installations with EV charging stations is a trend that has been emerging in recent years internationally, with Tesla rolling out an growing fleet of EV charging stations in the U.S. The first such development has taken place in Australia, with a four-tracker installation at Kangaroo Island’s airport being coupled with three Nissan Leafs and electric charging stations around the island.

The former Renewables SA initiated and funded the project, with dual-axis tracking technology chosen to be a highly visible demonstration of solar technology. When planning the project, solar developers Ingenero decided to increase the landmark nature of the project by coupling it with the small EV fleet and charging stations.

kangaroo solar

The $500,000 project employs four trackers, that follow the sun over the day, increasing the output of the Trina modules installed. The four trackers have a capacity of 50kW and a 14kW roof mounted array was installed to Kangaroo Island’s council chambers as a part of the project.


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