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Australia: Mayor excited to turn over new leaf with trial of electric car

IT’S a whisper-quiet green LEAF breezing along Noosa roads emission-free that, during a six-week trial, could sow the seeds of a sustainable transport revolution.

Leading the charge, literally, is Noosa Council.

Staff, including Mayor Noel Playford, are behind an eco-friendly car-pool system using a Nissan LEAF, which uses only electricity.

And it is this LEAF that others may like to take out of Noosa’s sustainability book, with the capacity to be recharged from the solar system on top of council’s Tewantin chambers.

Nissan’s clean energy machine took about 20 years to develop and, while it is limited to between 130km and 150km per charge, Cr Playford said it fitted the size of Noosa Shire just fine. Cr Playford said the current trial was already turning heads and staff had been impressed by the car’s performance and by its statistics.

Not only is the LEAF running completely free of emissions and charged with 100% green power, the car itself is mostly recyclable, with even the seats made from recycled plastic soft drink bottles.

While a successful trial could see council’s solar system powering more of the civic fleet in the future, the Mayor said the possibilities for cleaner, innovative transport in Noosa might go much further than that.


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