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Apple’s wireless charging tech for the iPhone could be revolutionary

A new patent awarded to Apple reveals the company is interested in producing its own wireless charging docks for mobile devices, AppleInsider reveals. However, these charging docks won’t be as “dumb” as current charging mats used by multiple devices. Instead, Apple’s dock will have some smart features, which will let it perform various actions on top of simply charging a battery wirelessly.

In fact, such a charging surface with smart features may one day be built into a MacBook, which would allow users to simply place the iPhone or iPad on top of a laptop to initiate a series of actions.

According to the patent, the charging dock would change behavior depending on the orientation of the mobile device placed on it. Placing the mobile device with the display on the mat would initiate wireless charging, while placing it with the display up and visible to the user would also start data syncing and wireless charging.

Furthermore, depending on how the device is placed on the charging dock, a data transfer sequence between a nearby computer and the iOS device may be automatically initiated. Thus, it would appear that the dock could work even with iOS devices that don’t have wireless charging support, allowing users to sync and transfer files by simply placing them on the dock in a predetermined manner.


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